Introducing Reverend Christopher Hughes

Introducing Reverend Christopher Hughes

Reverend Christopher Hughes was ordained as a TICCN minister in October 2021.

Reverend Christopher Hughes has travelled to over 50 countries talking with individuals and groups about the love, power and mercy of God. Christopher has worked with national and international groups and charities establishing churches and training the next generation of leaders. He uniquely combines the global interest in sport as a bridge for crossing cultures with speaking about the bible as a conduit for helping others find faith in Jesus.

Christopher is a martial arts expert and the author of a book that explores the relationship between Christianity and martial arts Taekwondo and Christianity.

He has studied theology, law and politics and he has worked within the NHS providing palliative care. He is a chaplain within the health service and a sports chaplain attached to a worldwide Surf Chaplaincy Movement. He is responsible for equipping chaplains in preparation for the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Mission To Africa

Mission To Africa

2022 is off to a great start for the Kingdom of God! I am home from a month long mission to Africa. This has been the best trip for my health and strength for the past ten years, and the most intensive.

In Uganda I visited several churches to teach, all along dusty stone roads, for one we had to park the car and walk through a banana plantation to find a church or timber shed with 60 people, all having walked, but praising God enthusiastically.

Having travelled by road for many hours I crossed the border into Tanzania, at the point where Idi Amin used to throw his opponents into the crocodile infested river. The next church, in the mountains of Kamuli, Tanzania, was only accessible by foot, a Tanzanian Assemblies of God, timber framed building made with mud, where they had started an outreach venture to the youth through football. The Lancashire based charity ‘SportsReach’ which is well established in this method of evangelism had provided a full set of new, though out of date, authentic England Football Team outfits for me to present to this church. Many of the journeys were on the back of a motor cycle, which after a one and a half hour ride on a dusty stone track does not do a suit and tie much good, but I spent several days of Bible teaching meetings before moving on.

I travelled by bus a 13 hour journey along the side of Lake Victoria into Mwanza city. This proved to be a busy week. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday all started at 10 am teach one hour+, ten minutes break, teach one hour+, break for lunch then teach for one hour+. Saturday was free.

Sunday morning was outstanding! A full church of 350 and some outside listening through the open windows, to a call for a commitment to daily evangelism and a dedicated life, the response was 270+ made this promise to God.

The next church was in Nyehunge, 120km after the tarmac roads turned to stone tracks at Sengerema. Wednesday through Saturday required two or three messages each day, and one on Sunday morning.

Monday and Tuesday I travelled (two flights) from Tanzania to Nairobi. Wednesday a three hour drive to Kitui, Kenya for a TV recording, which was a great success. Thursday night fly home.

God Bless, David.

Ukraine Response

Ukraine Response

TICCN Head office based at Living Faith Church in Orrell Greater Manchester has responded to the Ukrainian crisis. Notices were placed on social media outlets that food and essential supplies were going to be collected and then donated to the Ukraine and that the TICCN Living Faith Church was to be the focal point for local collections.

Local church volunteers rallied and items were collected over three days this week. The goods were then transported on Thursday this week via lorry directly to the Ukraine. We have also heard of other TICCN network churches responding with similarly tremendous generosity.

“The overwhelming response has been remarkable and fitting, our ongoing prayers are for peace and a swift end to this horrific crisis.”

Bishop Steven Lyn Evans

Thank you to all our TICCN network members, you’re making a massive impact.

Floods in Pakistan

Floods in Pakistan

The people of Pakistan especially Pakistani Christians need urgent prayer and support to survive and save their lives. Recently, heavy rain has caused floods, and it has affected Christians more as they live in mud houses. Due to heavy rain and floods, the walls and roofs of their mud houses fell down causing people injuries, also caused some deaths.

In one city ‘Islamabad’ a total of 50 houses have demolished and they have lost everything as everything has swept away in water, now they have nowhere to live. They need urgent help for; food, kitchen crockery, medicine, tents, blankets and clothes.

For our previous Flood Relief Report, you can visit our link attached below;

May the spirit of God inspire you for Pakistani suffering Christians. “Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done” Proverbs 19:17

Best wishes and blessings,
Rt.Rev.Bishop Dr. Yousaf Nadeem Bhinder
Founder and General Overseer His Grace Churches International

Nepal 2022 Update

Nepal 2022 Update

Three Years ago, we gave two goats each to this man and this woman and taught them kingdom principles of tithing.  In only three years, ​
their herds have prospered like Jacob’s Herds.​

Nepalis volunteering to carry Pandemic Relief 5-7 hours through the mountains​.

We provided the pipe, well head, and hand pump.  The local church provided the manpower to dig the wells.

Thank you to TICCN minister Reverend Steven Bellant for this update from Nepal.

A Royal Visit to Church on the Street Ministries

A Royal Visit to Church on the Street Ministries

It is a great privilege for me to thank Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who have given TICCN the tremendous honor of visiting our church in Burnley. The Royal couple met with Pastor Mick and various workers, volunteers, and congregants at Church on The Street. This visit is so encouraging for the TICCN network and helps to support the tremendous work of the Burnley team. In addition, it helps our efforts into the wider world. Their Royal Highnesses have a genuine care and love for people and we sincerely thank them for the tremendous work that they do.

Bishop Steven Lyn Evan
(Presiding Bishop, The International Christian Church Network: TICCN)

Bishop Steve left a pop career behind for a higher calling.

Bishop Steve left a pop career behind for a higher calling.

At 20 years old Bishop Steve left his family home in South Wales and made his way to the capital with a prayer and a dream to become a singer. Within a few days he found himself performing at the London Palladium and within weeks Larry Page, who had managed The Kinks, started managing him. Not long after Steve also started working with a band called Heatwave.

By 1996, Steven was performing at the Royal Variety Show and was being managed by Tony Calder, who had been The Beatles first publicist.

It was while talking to a Welsh music legend, he decided where his future lay.

“I was in the sound check with Tom Jones, and we went back to the dressing room for a chat and he said singing was his ‘calling,’ but I knew mine was really into the ministry.”

“I had this sense of God, I’d become a Christian when I was 15. I knew it was the right decision, so even though I had gone from being with the rich and famous at VIP events I knew deep down inside I had to do it, which gave me momentum.

Bishop Steve is fully committed to his work at Living Faith Church, but still gets involved with some showbiz and recently hosted a film premiere in Leeds. He is also currently in the early stages of working on a new song alonside ’80s singer John Parr.

“I don’t chase those things, but sometimes I will do things with people in the industry.”

A few newspapers have recently published articles with the following headlines: 

Wigan bishop who gave up pop career credits his religious calling to a chance encounter with Sir Tom Jones.

Tom Jones convinced me to quit rock and roll to become a priest.

October 2021 Ordinations

October 2021 Ordinations

Congratulations to Reverend Emma Daggers and Reverend Christopher Hughes who were ordained on Saturday 16th October as TICCN ministers at Church on the Street (Cots) Burnley. The packed church experienced a moving Spirit filled service led by Bishop Steven and Reverend Michael (Pastor Mick).

The two ordinands were very well supported by family and friends. It was especially nice to welcome Pastors Derek and Hilary Walker of Oxford Bible Church at the ordination service who were supporting Christopher. Derek joined Bishop Steven and Reverend Michael in laying on hands at the ordination.

Reverend Christopher will continue his ministry based from Oxfordshire and Reverend Emma is part of the Church on the Street outreach in Preston. We invite people to continue to support them in prayer as their important ministries continue to grow and reach into their respective communities.

We give glory to God for all His work in and through His people!

Faith Explosion Conference in Malta

Faith Explosion Conference in Malta

From 14th to the 19th September Bishop Steven was the guest speaker at the Faith Explosion Conference in Malta. The conference has been hailed as a tremendous success with hundreds in attendance and an atmosphere of great faith. Bishop Steven was thrilled by the enthusiasm of the people and the graciousness of his hosts Dr. Gordon Manchè and his beautiful wife Mariella. There were reports of miracles, deliverance from demonic activity and transformed lives.

The River of Love Church hosted the conference and Bishop Steven reported that there was a real sense of Christian devotion and diligence among the delegates. Bishop Steven spoke and ministered on 5 separate days and delegates responded with great enthusiasm to his inspiring messages which were delivered with a unique mixture of seriousness and humor. The impact was clearly felt, transforming at times and the will stay in peoples memories. Clearly, this was the start of what we all hope is a long and fruitful fellowship between key and strategic leaders within our international missions.

This remarkable conference which had so much to offer is remembered by the delegates and here is a selection of some of the feedback that we’ve received:

“We love and appreciate you Bishop Steven Evans. We thank God for you. God bless you.” Fiona Incorvaja

Fiona Incorvaja

“Great words dear Bishop Steven Evans we were delighted to have you around because we were blessed especially with those examples that you did carry forward they were an inspiration to us all…God bless you and keep on shining for God…Hallelujah where there is God there are miracles.”

Catherine Kate Galea

“Thank you dear Bishop for honoring us with your presence. It was a big blessing an honour and a pleasure.”

Edwin Borg

“Thank you for such a beautiful message of appreciation and encouragement. It was an honor to welcome you and a blessing to receive the Word from you. We are truly blessed to be part of this wonderful family with faithful spiritual parents for guidance and support, blessings.”

Caroline Falzon

“Beautiful words of encouragement dear Bishop Steven Evans and thank you for honoring our precious spiritual parents Mariella Manchè and Gordon Manchè. This conference was truly blessed and it was something we all needed at such a time as this. Dear Bishop I bless you and your family and your ministry, I love you in Christ until we meet again thank you for the laughter.”

Sharon Mifsud

“It was a wonderful conference where the glory was manifested! We’re blessed to have had you with us and blessed to be in this church and have Pastors Gordon and Mariella as our spiritual leaders!”

Theresa Aquilina

“Thank you Bishop for such a kind word, we love you too and thanks for coming, thank you for the time spent and word shared. We shall see you again here, there or in the air.”

Mario Debono

“It was such a great honor meeting you bishop. We thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement, and lifting up of our congregation and of describing the hearts of our Pastors.”

Jennifer Farrugia

“That’s a very powerful message, thanks Bishop. Hope to see you back here.”

Rebecca Paris

“It was an honor to meet you dear Bishop Steven Evans, and glory to God for you and for everyone that preached, that God mightily used for feeding us His Holy word, and stepping into the glory all together. We’re going from Glory to Glory.”

Rhona Sapiano

This conference was truly blessed and it was something we all needed at such a time as this. Dear Bishop I bless you and your family and your ministry, I love you in Christ, thank you for the laughter!

It was also a blessing to catch up and enjoy fellowship with TICCN minister Nigael Lewis who is currently based on the Island of Malta.

Click on the links below to watch videos from the conference:

Upcoming TICCN Ordinations

Upcoming TICCN Ordinations
Bishop Evans

It’s my pleasure to write and invite you to support two TICCN ordinands who are due to be ordained this Saturday. They like many others before them have successfully gone through the TICCN Ordinands Training and now are about to enter this important new chapter of life. I want to encourage you to please remember them in your prayers. Emma Cathrine Daggers is part of the Church on the Street outreach in Preston and Christopher Miguel Hughes is based in Oxford.

It’s been my privilege and pleasure to spend time with them both and hear about the great things that God has done in their lives. This Saturday’s Ordination will mark the next and very important step in their walk of faith.

As a TICCN Partner you are warmly invited to attend the ordination which will take place at:

The Hub, Church on the Street,
1-7 Hammerton Street,
BB11 1NA

at 3:00pm this Saturday.