Dunwells In the DR

A New Chapter: Missionaries To The Dominican Republic

Hi friends, we are pleased to let you know that by God’s grace, we have arrived safely in Jarabacoa. On the fi ve-hour drive from Punta Cana to Jarabacoa, we saw a man with two oxen pulling a plough. The Lord gave us a scripture just before we set off from the UK in Luke 9:62 about ‘the cost of discipleship’, But Jesus said to him, “No one, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fi t for the kingdom of God.” So we have taken that as a sign to keep moving forward in God’s purposes and not to look back. We have a modest home in the poorer area of Jarabacoa but we are grateful to God for His blessings, we have a pomegranate tree overhanging into our backyard that we believe is an indication that the Lord is with us and He will establish us in the land.

It’s been a busy few weeks settling into our new home and getting used to the area. It’s extremely noisy here and life is very different so it will take time to adjust. We have all started serving at JCS School, Troy’s been actively sharing the Gospel and encouraging his new friends to read the Bible. Precious has settled in at school, she’s making friends and shared about Jesus at assembly. Kathryn’s been teaching the young kids at the school English and the Bible, Graham has been teaching the older children English and about Christian leadership. The children at JCS are likely the ones who will go on to be the leaders in some capacity in the Dominican Republic, so please pray that we can lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus and live out a Godly life as well as helping educate them to live a fruitful life for the benefit of others. There are a lot of people with alcohol and gambling problems in Jarabacoa so please also pray for us as we spread the good news of the Gospel around the town.

Spreading the Love of Jesus in the Dominican Republic!

Our mission is to share the love of Jesus through both words and actions as we become an integral part of the community, serving at Jarabacoa Christian School and with Mission Direct. We’ve had the privilege of praying for healing for individuals while walking through the town. Additionally, we’ve been entrusted with overseeing the spiritual needs of the school, focusing on prayer, pastoral care, worship, and Bible study for the teachers and over 400 children. Currently, there is no existing framework for this at the school, and we believe that God is opening a significant door for us in this regard.
In the coming weeks, we’ll also be visiting Claire at GoMAD to assess the project, preparing for our missionary teams scheduled to arrive in July. Our mission will be to construct a toilet block and a kitchen/dining facility.

2024 Project

Arroyo De Lechez School – this is a rural community of around 200 families.

  • The school is grades 1-6 and has 28 students.
  • They have 3 classrooms and 3 teachers.
  • The school is full day

The Project

  • To build a toilet block of 2 toilets ā€“ the school currently has a latrine toilet.
  • To build a dining and kitchen area ā€“ the school currently has no facilities for lunch and is washing dishes on the ground.
  • Team 1 will build the toilets and do some painting work.
  • Team 2 will build a dining and kitchen area.
  • We will assist a team of local builders and tradespeople to accomplish the project.

Please Pray For

  • Our Protection, Especially On The Roads And Paths
  • Our Health, Especially Mosquito Bites
  • The People Of The Dominican Republic And They Come To Know Jesus
  • The Children And Teachers At JCS School
  • The New Chapel, Worship, Prayer And Bible Study
  • The Missionary Projects With Mission Direct
  • For More People To Partner With Us Both In Prayer And Financially
  • To Connect With Other Christians In The Dominican Republic