Archbishop Steven Lyn Evans and Bishop Steven Bellant Consecrated at TICCN Conference USA

During October 2023 in Texarkana Arkansas The International Christian Church Network held it’s annual conference and Consecration Service for Archbishop Metropolitan Steven Evans and Bishop Steven Bellant.

The Conference was hosted by Archbishop Johnny Riley and we would like to extend our gratitude for his tremendous hospitality. His experience and spiritual wisdom were evident and impacted everyone, particularly during his tremendous sermon address. We must also thank his wife Barbara Pitts who did such wonderful work during our time there, she worked so hard multitasking in many things from supervising the supply of meals though to professional photography.

(The included group photographs here are used by kind permission of Barbara Pitts)

The conference started with a tremendous session from Reverend Curtis Wilson who gave such accurate words of knowledge and preached with a clear and insightful revelation from God. Clearly, Curtis had spent time with the Lord and sought Him for what to preach, it impacted everyone deeply. We can see why he preaches in stadiums, he has a powerful ability to convey spiritual truth and touch people’s hearts. Similarly, with Mei Powers who brought a very strong and insightful word that went straight from her heart into ours. Like Curtis, she has a world impacting ministry that impacts thousands of people. She is clearly a powerhouse for God.

Bishop Steven Bellant was able to bring some of the remarkable testimonies from his work to the conference. They ranged from the practical needs of everyday supplies for poor people in Nepal, to the prophetic and the reality of supernatural healing. As each speaker continued it became so clear that we as TICCN have an essential and important role in the worldwide Kingdom of God. We are small enough to be agile and not get bogged down in unnecessary bureaucracy. To follow the leading of God and not need to fit into often limiting structures.

Archbishop Doyle brought prophetic insights and warmth to everyone. He is elder the Father figure and it was a delight for him to consecrate his co-founder Archbishop Metropolitan Steven Evans. He said that he has wanted to do this for years and now his joy is complete in this particular ambition.

What was particularly important was the move of the Holy Spirit that took place. People were impacted by the power of God on numerous occasions. It was clear that this conference was a place where God was empowering our leadership for what is coming next. We rejoiced with each other for the fellowship and love that was evidenced in abundance.

All the glory goes to God, and as was sung repeatedly during this time, what a mighty God we serve!