Sports Chaplaincy

Reverend Christopher Hughes has travelled to over 50 countries as a Martial Arts and Fitness Trainer. He often connects peoples interest in sport as a bridge for cross cultural communication to take place.

Christopher is a martial arts expert and the author of a book that explores the relationship between Christianity and martial arts: Taekwondo and Christianity. He studied theology, law, and politics, and recently he has taken responsibility for the Australian based Surf Chaplaincy Movement and is responsible for equipping Chaplains in preparation for the 2023 Rugby World Cup and Paris 2024.

TICCN provides sports chaplains to offer support and foster positive perspectives. We are pleased to be involved with some of the world’s greatest sports competitions and our chaplains are trained to offer a listening ear and work within an appropriate framework for the environment they are in. We know that this support can really help, the spiritual dynamic of a designated chaplain can make a real and proven difference. For some top sports people we know that the benefit of a conversation with a chaplain can make all the difference. Literally, some have said that it is the difference between winning and loosing.

On behalf of TICCN Christopher has received an invitation to the International Summit on “Sport for All – Cohesive, Accessible and Tailored to each person,” which will take place in the Vatican on September 29 and 30, 2022. This congress can contribute significantly to change the mentality on how to deal with inclusion and access to sport for many sport institutions and associations at local and national level. Reverend Christopher will join others alongside Pope Francis as a signatory on the declaration.

Chaplains can be of help to all sorts of people involved with sport, when crisis, need or difficulty comes. I commend the idea of sports chaplaincy.

Sir Alex Ferguson, CBE (Director and Ambassador Of Manchester United)
Gary Nicklaus (PGA Professional) Steven Evans (TICCN Archbishop Metropolitan) and Jason Mohammed (BBC Sports Presenter)

Archbishop Metropolitan Steven is a keen golfer and is pictured here winning the Amateur Nicklaus Trophy in South Wales. As a young man he considered becoming a professional golfer but turned to music instead. He has on occasions worked in a Chaplaincy/Life Coach role in both Nursing and Residential Homes and for sports and show business people.


Our TICCN Archbishop Metropolitan Steven recalled that there were certain special occasions in his life when he observed people benefitting from a Chaplains ministry. His first encounter with a chaplain was when he was performing at the 1996 Royal Variety Performance: “There was a minister, a chaplain who was backstage just sitting on a chair patiently waiting for someone who might need a listening ear, he was there as just someone to talk to. Just his presence would have strengthened some people, perhaps it inspired a prayer. He was a sign silently pointing to hope, belief and God. People are strengthened by this.”

Our chaplaincy work has spanned from traditional healthcare environments into the wider areas of entertainment and sports.

TICCN ensures that our Chaplains undertake to keep the following framework which is part of their training course.

There are four key points for our Chaplains:

Presence – Just by being there you make a difference.

Attitude – We believe that in all things we ought to have excellence. From our dress to the words we speak, as ambassadors of Christ excellence is important. We look to the interests of those we serve not ourselves.

Friendly – Having an approachable smiling face helps people open up, it’s a vital part of who we are and helps many make the first step.

Confidentially – We can’t over stress this, nothing that is talked about should be told to anyone else. Personal confidentiality is a vital and foundational component of Chaplaincy work.


It depends on the event. Our Chaplains range from those who work on a volunteer basis as part of their ministerial vocation, to those who would usually be paid a daily/weekly rate for a short-term event. We would always try to ensure that if a Chaplain is required for an event, then we would do all that we can to ensure one was provided. Please contact us for further details.

Chaplaincy brings a personal touch – people feel they can be listened to as individuals. If chaplaincy was established in every club, I believe it would be of huge benefit to the game as a whole.

Sir Ian McGeechan, OBE. Former Coach of Scotland and The British and Irish Lions