Blown Away: From Drug Dealer to Life Bringer

Blown Away: From Drug Dealer to Life Bringer

Blown Away, the autobiography from Bishop-Elect Michael Fleming, is released tomorrow, 15th September 2022. Bishop Steven Lyn Evans and Michael sat down together to bring you a sneak peak of the book. In it Michael explains how important the role of TICCN has been in the formation of his own ministry, Church on the Street, and how Archbishop Steven’s mentorship has been invaluable over the years.

We can’t wait to read it all, you can order the book from here: Also available on Amazon and many other book stores.

To coincide with the book launch, Bishop-Elect Michael and Church on the Street Ministries have produced an online resource which includes a series of videos designed to help individuals and churches learn to make a difference in the communities they serve.

If you’re a minister and would like to become a part of TICCN, watch our videos to find out more about us, and then get in touch and let us know.

Our Faithful Queen

Our Faithful Queen

I write to you today with the strange mixture of sadness and great hope. Sadness, because Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II our wonderful Queen has died at the age of 96. Hope, because of her sincere and deep Christian faith.

Earlier this year, Prince William The Duke of Cambridge, along with Duchess Kate, visited one of our TICCN Ministries. They met with Bishop-elect Michael (Pastor Mick) in Burnley and showed tremendous care and concern for the people. This deep care is something they shared with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who lived a life devoted to serving other people. This devotion stands as a clear reflection of both her Christian faith and deep commitment to public life.

As we mourn the loss of Queen Elizabeth II, our hearts are filled with memories of her throughout the years. Most of us will have memories of Royal occasions, news reports, television programs and media images. Some of us might have even had opportunity to have met Her Majesty or seen her in person. What a unique mixture of character, strength, integrity, and many other good ingredients she possessed. We remember all these things at this time but especially we remember her faith. Defined by service and commitment to her God and country, she was the longest-reigning monarch. Her Majesty was well-respected around the world, her hard work and faith was an inspiration to all people.

The first outward sign of Her Majesty’s faith was when she was only 13 years old and she presented her Father with a Christian poem which read: “Go out into the darkness, and put your hand into the hand of God. That shall be to you better than light, and safer than a known way.” The King was so moved by these words that he went on to quote the poem in his 1939 Christmas speech, encouraging Britons who were facing the awful circumstances of World War II.

Her Majesty dedicated her life to public service and on her 21st birthday, and at her coronation in 1953, she prayed, “God help me to make good my vow, and God bless all of you who are willing to share in it.” Around 20 million people were watching the ceremony and she also promised to “maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel.”

Throughout the almost 70 years of her Reign, Her Majesty exemplified duty and service to her people. According to the Royal family’s website, she saw “public and voluntary service as one of the most important elements of her work.” The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee earlier this year was an opportunity for people to come together and create shared local spirit. “I have been inspired by the kindness, joy and kinship that has been so evident in recent days,” she said, “and I hope this renewed sense of togetherness will be felt for many years to come.” TICCN have produced an attractive simple Christian tract to help both celebrate the Platinum Jubilee and share the Gospel.

The Queen frequently expressed her Christian faith in public. She shared her hope that her family would follow Jesus saying: “I would like nothing more than that my grandchildren should hold dear His ideals.” In 2002, she said: “I know just how much I rely on my faith to guide me through the good times and the bad. Each day is a new beginning. I know that the only way to live my life is to try to do what is right, to take the long view, to give of my best in all that the day brings, and to put my trust in God… I draw strength from the message of hope in the Christian gospel.”

Perhaps the most famous messages given by Her Majesty were the The Queen’s annual Christmas broadcasts. These were part of British culture and a feature of Christmas Day for most millions of viewers. She openly shared her faith using this platform, in 2012 for example, she talked about the God “Who sent His son to serve not to be served and in doing so restored love and service to the centre of our lives in the person of Jesus Christ.” Again, in 2014, she said, “For me, the life of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace whose birth we celebrate today, is an inspiration and anchor in my life. A role model of reconciliation and forgiveness, He stretched out his hands in love, acceptance, and healing.” Her Majesty would point to Christ in her Christmas speeches making it clear that He was not just a teacher or philosopher but “the Saviour” with the “power to forgive.”

Her Majesty’s life reflected Christian values such as service, forgiveness, reconciliation, and prayer. Prayer was a vitally important part of the Queen’s life. She thanked people for their prayers, prayed daily, and spoke about the power of prayer. Her legacy is one of devotion and service to her people and a consistent and sustaining faith in God, one of the most well-known Christian public figures in the world, we thank God for her life and service to this nation.


Please join with me over this next period of time in praying daily for the Royal family as they mourn the death of Her Majesty. Especially for our new King Charles III, that he would experience and enjoy the same clarity of faith as his Mother. We pray that the Royal family would find comfort in God as they grieve. We ask that they would be protected in all that they do and that faith in Jesus Christ would enrich all of their lives. That Godly wisdom would guide and steer them throughout their days. Therefore, we join together in saying “God save the King!” In the Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Facebook Post from 8th September 2022

The flags were lowered, formal notice was posted on the railings of Buckingham Palace, and suddenly, a rainbow appeared over Windsor Castle.

Some might think that Her Majesty is dead, not I! She is more alive than ever before, with her Lord, at the eternal residence. The Castle she now occupies is grander than any earthly imagination could ever conceive. Proof you ask? Her life and testimony, and God’s rainbow which appeared over Windsor Castle, the Biblical sign of a completed covenant.

Our faithful Queen, completed her race, gracious, strong, and true, she has won the prize and is now in conference with the King of Kings. All our lives we’ve prayed in song: ‘God Save Our Gracious Queen,’ and God certainly did.

– Archbishop Metropolitan Steven Lyn Evans –

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TICCN Minister Mick Fleming appeared on Local BBC Radio on Sunday 11th September for a service of Thanksgiving for the Queen. Listen below: