Bishop Mick Fleming’s Testimony and Book Launch in Paray-le-Monial Leaves a Lasting Impact

In the picturesque town of Paray-le-Monial 2000 people gathered to listen to the remarkable testimony of TICCN Bishop Mick Fleming, a man whose journey of faith has inspired countless hearts worldwide, including the Prince of Wales. Prayer and healing followed as people opened up their hearts to receive from the Lord.

“There was also a huge gathering and I spoke to thousands of people there. I had interpreters who started crying as I was speaking, then the crowd started crying and breaking down. It was a profound experience. It was very powerful. I’ve never preached to that many people before. I’m happy: it was amazing.”

Bishop Mick Fleming

Bishop Mick’s life is a testament to the enduring power of faith, healing, and the grace of God which serves as a guiding light for those seeking hope and redemption in a sometimes chaotic world. His autobiography, Blown Away: From Drug Dealer to Life Bringer was published in the UK by SPCK and was the company’s “biggest book last year” as well as being an Amazon bestseller three or four times. It has now been translated into French and titled, ‘Rédemption Du deal à la vraie Vie’, and will be released in several French-speaking countries, including Belgium, Switzerland and in North Africa.

Bishop Mick said: “The lady who translated the book had a profound experience with it. She got a lot of peace from it and said it changed her life.”

Many lives around the world have already been touched by his extraordinary story, and we thank God that many more will be able to hear Bishop Mick’s profound testimony as this translation opens up the doors to a whole new audience.

If you have not heard Bishop Michael’s testimony you can order the English book here:

The French version titled ‘Rédemption Du deal à la vraie Vie’ will be available from September the 8th: