October 2021 Ordinations

October 2021 Ordinations

Congratulations to Reverend Emma Daggers and Reverend Christopher Hughes who were ordained on Saturday 16th October as TICCN ministers at Church on the Street (Cots) Burnley. The packed church experienced a moving Spirit filled service led by Bishop Steven and Reverend Michael (Pastor Mick).

The two ordinands were very well supported by family and friends. It was especially nice to welcome Pastors Derek and Hilary Walker of Oxford Bible Church at the ordination service who were supporting Christopher. Derek joined Bishop Steven and Reverend Michael in laying on hands at the ordination.

Reverend Christopher will continue his ministry based from Oxfordshire and Reverend Emma is part of the Church on the Street outreach in Preston. We invite people to continue to support them in prayer as their important ministries continue to grow and reach into their respective communities.

We give glory to God for all His work in and through His people!

Upcoming TICCN Ordinations

Upcoming TICCN Ordinations
Bishop Evans

It’s my pleasure to write and invite you to support two TICCN ordinands who are due to be ordained this Saturday. They like many others before them have successfully gone through the TICCN Ordinands Training and now are about to enter this important new chapter of life. I want to encourage you to please remember them in your prayers. Emma Cathrine Daggers is part of the Church on the Street outreach in Preston and Christopher Miguel Hughes is based in Oxford.

It’s been my privilege and pleasure to spend time with them both and hear about the great things that God has done in their lives. This Saturday’s Ordination will mark the next and very important step in their walk of faith.

As a TICCN Partner you are warmly invited to attend the ordination which will take place at:

The Hub, Church on the Street,
1-7 Hammerton Street,
BB11 1NA

at 3:00pm this Saturday.