Scooter Riding Reverend on Easter Journey for the Poor!

Scooter Riding Reverend on Easter Journey for the Poor!

John O Groats to Land’s End: Feeding the Poor

Reverend Phillip ‘The Mod’ Ingram is on a mission to feed the hungry and help those who have fallen on hard times during the cost of living crisis. To meet this need Reverend Phillip’s church, The Lighthouse Christian Centre in Brierfield, operates a food bank, but like many food banks across the UK, they are struggling to meet the need and have seen a dramatic decrease in donations in recent months.

In an effort to highlight the need Reverend Phillip has decided to drive his 26 year old Vespa scooter whilst towing a large cross, the length and breadth of Britain! Yes, he intends to make that journey from John O Groat to Lands End over this Easter!

Reverend Phillip said, “I want to raise awareness not just for our food bank but for food banks everywhere. We are struggling to get enough food donations and there is an increased amount of people in need. We’ve had to turn people away, I see mums and children coming through the door and leaving with very little, it breaks my heart to see. Within an hour or so of opening all the food is gone. We also cook hot meals for all who are hungry at our food bank on Wednesdays, the need is great. There are all sorts of people, of all religions, non-religious and other backgrounds who come in desperation for food. Some are working families, single parents with children, and individuals. You can see the hopelessness in their eyes, the shame of having to ask for help.”

This is the first time a journey of this kind has been made. Reverend Phillip ‘The Mod’ Ingram has been seen around the nation previously when he was featured on the BBC’s Songs of Praise. This time, while riding his Vespa, he’s covering the nation in prayer. He said, “I love my country. I love the people. I feel for this nation. Many people are broken and I want to bring a message of hope and love to everyone.”

He teaches people that there isn’t any shame in asking for food. “If we can help, we will, ” He said, “I want to put my faith into action. I don’t just say I’m a Christian. I do my best to act as a Christian because of my faith and my hope in Jesus.” Jesus turned my life around. “I’m still a crazy mod, and I’m still passionate about the fashion, the parkas, the music, the dance and the scooter scenes.”

The message of Easter is love and love must be practical, we absolutely must feed the poor!

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