Consecration of Bishop Michael Fleming

What a day! Thanks be to God for all He has done and congratulations to my precious brother Bishop Michael Fleming on his consecration.

A consecration service like no other, with Mezzo-Soprano Samantha Oxborough, who opened the Commonwealth games, an award winning BBC Correspondent, the Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Lancashire, and an abrupt interruption from a congregation member.

Our special guest speakers did a wonderful job, they clearly have a deep respect and love for Bishop Michael. Here we are with the BBC’s Special Correspondent Ed Thomas and the Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Lancashire, Mrs Christine Kirk DL

Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Lancashire, Mrs Christine Kirk DL was interrupted during the service. Two people came to the front of the church shouting and clearly in great need. Bishop Michael embraced them in love and led them to the side. I explained to the congregation that the church is a spiritual hospital so we ought not to be surprised if we encounter some patients. I went on to conclude that we’re all patients, with differing degrees of need. In many ways, the incident was a perfect illustration of what a church could and should be.