Sports For All Summit

TICCN minister Reverend Christopher Hughes attended the Sports For All Summit in the Vatican. People from around the world came together to promote the importance of sports for human, educational and spiritual growth. During the summit a Declaration was presented with a commitment from attendees to give greater promotion in their own institutions and sports organizations to the social and inclusive dimensions of sports. 

Reverend Christopher was a cosignatory on the declaration and among the gifts that were exchanged he presented Pope Francis with the popular golden TICCN crest badge (see photo).

Pope Francis showed great interest in the work of TICCN and presented Reverend Christopher with a cross which Reverend Christopher will present to Archbishop Steven during the TICCN conference on 12th October.

Since the birth of modern sports in the 19th century, the Church has willingly accompanied and promoted the practice of sports. Using the words of His Holiness Pius XII, sport is not “a vain agitation of limbs,” but an “activity with high educational and social potential, capable of promoting the person.”

Cardinal Kevin Joseph Farrell