Delivering Food Parcels to Families of Iligan City During Covid-19 Pandemic

First of all, on behalf of 3J2 Bible Center Anglican Church of Iligan City, Philippines, allow us to express our heartfelt gratitude for your generosity, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY has blessed us by providing us with our needs, something that we have desired since the Lockdown started on March 15, 2020 because of COVID 19.
When my dear wife Sonia checked our bank account and have found that the blessings sent where already deposited into our bank account she didn’t withdraw it right away, but instead, she informed me that it is already there, we prayed together and planned again on what we are going to do with the money.
I contacted a Pastor who is a friend of mine, and he said, yes, to my request and let me borrow his Navarra Pick-up, and we used it to buy the stuff, like, rice, eggs, coffee, chocolate drinks, bath soaps, and canned goods.
May 13 – Wednesday, we went to the grocery store and the market to buy what we needed for the distribution, thanks and praise to the LORD for using that Pastor’s friend, for allowing us to borrow his Navarra Pick-up.
When we arrived home, my dear wife Sonia started re-packing, each pack has 5 kilos of rice, (actually, the original plan was 10 kilos for each family, but since we wanted to benefit more families, for each food pack, Sonia put 5 Kilos. This meant that instead of 25 families only, we can help 80 families), 15 eggs, 5 packs of coffee, 5 chocolate drinks, 5 small canned sardines, and one big Safeguard bath soap. Please know that even at this time no alcohol is available at the stores.
May 14 – Sonia continued re-packing. It was during this day that we contacted the members of the Church, so that on the next day, Friday they could come to our house and pick-up their share of the blessings. We also contacted some mothers at the Dumpsite to choose 50 families including them, and then, emphasized to them Social Distancing and Pre-cautionary measures to be safe.
May 15 – the members of the 3J2BCAC family came and picked-up their share, there were about 30 families who came.

May 16 – GOD provided us a vehicle, after lunch that day, when everything was already set, at 2:30 in the afternoon, we went to the Dumpsite, with all the food packs. When we arrived in the area, there were already a lot of people waiting for us, since we had already contacted and instructed a few mothers to choose 50 families. They observed Social Distancing, they were wearing face masks, and applying alcohol to their hands, we had a short program, then we started the distribution of the food packs. There are about 2,500 families in the village, the former Iligan City Dumpsite. After the distribution, people were asking why only a few were selected, and if there is another one coming, well, I just told them to pray for another wave of blessings to come.
All those who have received the food packs were so happy and so blessed, they were so grateful to the LORD for the blessings.
Again, thank you so much for your generosity and the generosity of the TICCN family, I hope and pray that GOD will continue to bless much and much more and the whole TICCN family.
Anyway, we have started praying in the family that there will be another wave of blessings, and that, we can serve more families.
May the LORD bless you richly and keep you real good.

Bishop Stephen and Sonia Villaester