Bishop Steven’s Vital Volunteers

Bishop Steven Evans of the Living Faith Church, who is also a Conservative elected representative for Orrell ward, has spoken of the efforts being made in the area by volunteers and his congregation.

Deliveries of food have been made to those who cannot get out to the shops or are shielding and Coun Evans has also been helping to visit those who are vulnerable but cannot be contacted by telephone to make sure they are OK.

His church has also been drawing up lists of those who are lonely or in need of support and creating a rota of phone volunteers to ring those who need to speak to someone.

Bishop Steven said: “That has had a tremendous impact.”

“We couldn’t have envisaged our ministry growing during this time, but we’ve had so many positive comments from people saying it is making a huge difference knowing someone is at the end of the phone and prepared to be there for them, answering questions and helping.”

“I’m hoping that the more people hear about things like this the more others will want to get involved.”

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