Healed from Multiple Sclerosis

Church of England minister Reverend Chris Low and her husband John visited Living Faith Church to share from her new book ‘Shattering Glass Ceilings.’

She has a tremendous testimony of healing from Multiple Sclerosis and until recently was the National director of the OSL (Order of St Luke). The OSL is a healing order focused on bringing the essential healing ministry of Jesus into churches.

The Reverend Christine “Chris” Low has spoken on many occasions about the testimony of her healing from multiple sclerosis and has frequently been asked to put it in writing. Now she sets out to tell her story with the hope of encouraging others to step out in faith and trust to God’s enabling to fulfill their God-given potential.

Shattering Glass Ceilings presents a story of the frustrations and restrictions of gender-shaped glass ceilings and how Chris saw those ceilings come crashing down one by one. By God’s grace, she was healed of multiple sclerosis and enabled to follow his call to ordination. The road was far from easy, but through God’s Holy Spirit and the support of many good people, it became possible. Along the way she learned many lessons—most of all, coming to trust to God’s empowering and to refuse to allow the prejudices of others to determine who she was and what she could become. Inspirational and biblically based, this personal narrative tells one woman’s story of healing and empowerment as God’s grace and hand in her life made possible many great things.