Introducing Reverend Christopher Hughes

Reverend Christopher Hughes was ordained as a TICCN minister in October 2021.

Reverend Christopher Hughes has travelled to over 50 countries talking with individuals and groups about the love, power and mercy of God. Christopher has worked with national and international groups and charities establishing churches and training the next generation of leaders. He uniquely combines the global interest in sport as a bridge for crossing cultures with speaking about the bible as a conduit for helping others find faith in Jesus.

Christopher is a martial arts expert and the author of a book that explores the relationship between Christianity and martial arts Taekwondo and Christianity.

He has studied theology, law and politics and he has worked within the NHS providing palliative care. He is a chaplain within the health service and a sports chaplain attached to a worldwide Surf Chaplaincy Movement. He is responsible for equipping chaplains in preparation for the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the Paris 2024 Olympics.