TICCN Minister Gaining National Attention for His Work With the Poor

Pastor Michael Fleming has been hitting the newspaper headlines, with the BBC and The Guardian running stories on his work helping the homeless, poor, and low-income families in the town of Burnley.

Michael’s charity Church on the Street continues to distribute food parcels and hot meals during the coronavirus pandemic helping those most vulnerable and in need.

“We take food parcels to people, but what’s the point if they can’t cook the food because there’s no gas or electric? So now we provide hot, cooked meals as well.”

Michael’s work featured in a BBC video and the response from the public has been phenomenal, with donations reaching six figures in a matter of days.

Bishop Steven Lyn Evans has spoken of his pride at the huge effort Michael has put in to support people in often-desperate circumstances in the east Lancashire town. He told Wigan Observer “It is thrilling for me to see what he is doing in Burnley. He has such a genuine love for people and his story is a compelling one”.

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