TICCN Pastor Mick Fleming Pens Autobiography: Blown Away

Blown Away shares the incredible journey Pastor Mick has been on over his life, from hardened criminal to the call of God and the start of Church on the Street. Interest in Pastor Mick’s journey has grown year on year and has been covered by the BBC, Songs of Praise, The Guardian, and many more.

“I was the worst of the worst and in every area of darkness, but I had hope I could change.”

Pastor Mick Fleming

Pastor Mick’s journey is a testimony to the change God can make in a persons life, you can’t change yourself, but through God, it’s possible.

‘It’s impossible to visit Church on the Street and not be deeply moved by the work the organisation does for those in need. It is an extraordinary place . . .’ HRH THE DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE, from the Foreword

The book is set to launch in September, and is available to pre-order now.

In the meantime you can discover some of Pastor Mick’s testimony in this interview with Bishop Steven Lyn Evans.