A meeting was held at the issue of persecution with Christians and other minorities in Pakistan at Rt. Rev. Dr.Bishop Yousaf Nadeem house at Warrington UK on 8th 9th and 10th of August 2016.

Most Honourable Rt. Rev. Arch Bishop USA and Honourable Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop Steve UK and Honourable brother Saleem Khurshid Khokhar former MP, Honourable brother Joseph Francis MBE, Honourable American guests, brother Johnson Paul and. Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop Nadeem were present there.

Bishop Steve said: ‘’There is clear evidence to show the legitimacy of concerns about the breadth and severity of human rights violations. Our prayer regarding this is that the observation of Tertullian will be proved right once again, ‘…that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.”

nadeemreport2wFormer MP Saleem khurshid khokhar described about the present situation in Pakistan. He said there is no religious freedom for the Christians. Pakistani society divided into majority and minority, majority means a group of people who have rights to kill the minority and kidnap and rape the women and girls and convert by force to Islam. Minority people have no rights to go to courts against such evil people, I appreciate and give thanks for such excellent work done by honourable brother Joseph Francis MBE.

Bishop Nadeem had expressed deep concern about the worsening situation that Christians and others minorities are simply not safe in Pakistan. Every selected government in Pakistan is guilty of endemic duplicity, like a game with the World in which their goal is to pretend ignorance and hide the ongoing evils in a mass-political cover up. On one hand they are killing Christians, Hindus, and Sikh people, Muslims are daily kidnapping young Christians, Hindus, and Sikh girls, rape and forced conversions are common. Christians, Hindus, and Sikh parents have no rights to appeal against such terrible events in any courts of Pakistan. When will the world wake up to these crimes against humanity?

On the other hand, the government is very careful to have selected a candidate from minorities as MNAs and MPAs and then minorities Ministers to show the World. This way they claim that everyone has equal rights in Pakistan, their charade claims that minorities are happy and safe in Pakistan.

nadeemreport3wChristian and Hindus Ministers are also forced to speak the government tongue everywhere in the World. If they speak or they give any statement against the present government, then the Christians Minister, Hindus MPAs and MNAs are not safe in Pakistan. Their life and the lives of their loved ones are at real risk. That’s why they have to speak whatever the Muslim Prime Minister and government wish to deliver. So please do not believe our Christians and Hindus Minister and MNAs of Pakistan in what they are saying about the situation of Christians and Hindus in Pakistan. I can draw your attention to two or three events that evidence Christian Ministers when they spoke against the government of Pakistan and explained about the persecution in Pakistan, they were subsequently killed by the government or militants. Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti former Minority Minister was killed when he spoke in the favour of Christians women named Aasia Bibi (she is still in jail at Multan city Pakistan) Mr.Salman Taseer Governor of Punjab was killed by militant (he was shot by his Muslim gunman) because he had also spoken in favour of Aasia Bibi.

Mr. Joseph Francis MBE said there is very deep, worried and concern for the welfare of Christians. LET THE WORLD OPEN THEIR EYES TO SAVE CHRISTIANS. Please do pray for the persecuted Christians of the World specially Pakistani Christians who are facing lot of problems and very upset, anxious, stressed, depressed and feeling helpless with discrimination, have no equal rights with other people, they are untouchable and treating as a 3rd class citizens, they have no rights to even eat at public restaurants and public hotels. Pakistan is growing into a worse place day by day for minorities, it is especially bad for Christians who are not safe in Pakistan. Many Pastors, Evangelists, Church workers and Christians NGOs have been killed by Muslim militants and many have been sent to jail in the row of death sentences.

nadeem1wThe Christians who left Pakistan to Thailand, Nepal and Sri Lanka they are not receiving proper attention from UN Offices and they are waiting since 5 or more then 5 years to their asylums results. Some Christians asylum seekers sent to jail in Thailand. They are living there in extreme poverty and some have died by heart attack. They do not know about their future. If they will send back to Pakistan then they will have to face a lot of problems and have send jail straight way from airports of Pakistan and nobody knows what they will face and how long they will live in jails.

Please raise and make voice to UN Offices to save and protect Christians in different countries who are asylum seekers and who are living in Pakistan in very depression and stress.

Most honourable Very Rt. Rev. Dr. Archbishop Doyle said we are one body in Christ whether we are Asian, European or American, we are all living on planet Earth. This is the right time to stand together and we need to do some thing for our Pakistani Christian brothers and sisters. He appreciated the work of Joseph Francis toward the Pakistani brothers and sisters and internationally.

At the end all participants Prayed and when Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop Steve was leading in prayers for some sick people, God did miracles and people got healing.