Mission To Africa

Mission To Africa

2022 is off to a great start for the Kingdom of God! I am home from a month long mission to Africa. This has been the best trip for my health and strength for the past ten years, and the most intensive.

In Uganda I visited several churches to teach, all along dusty stone roads, for one we had to park the car and walk through a banana plantation to find a church or timber shed with 60 people, all having walked, but praising God enthusiastically.

Having travelled by road for many hours I crossed the border into Tanzania, at the point where Idi Amin used to throw his opponents into the crocodile infested river. The next church, in the mountains of Kamuli, Tanzania, was only accessible by foot, a Tanzanian Assemblies of God, timber framed building made with mud, where they had started an outreach venture to the youth through football. The Lancashire based charity ‘SportsReach’ which is well established in this method of evangelism had provided a full set of new, though out of date, authentic England Football Team outfits for me to present to this church. Many of the journeys were on the back of a motor cycle, which after a one and a half hour ride on a dusty stone track does not do a suit and tie much good, but I spent several days of Bible teaching meetings before moving on.

I travelled by bus a 13 hour journey along the side of Lake Victoria into Mwanza city. This proved to be a busy week. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday all started at 10 am teach one hour+, ten minutes break, teach one hour+, break for lunch then teach for one hour+. Saturday was free.

Sunday morning was outstanding! A full church of 350 and some outside listening through the open windows, to a call for a commitment to daily evangelism and a dedicated life, the response was 270+ made this promise to God.

The next church was in Nyehunge, 120km after the tarmac roads turned to stone tracks at Sengerema. Wednesday through Saturday required two or three messages each day, and one on Sunday morning.

Monday and Tuesday I travelled (two flights) from Tanzania to Nairobi. Wednesday a three hour drive to Kitui, Kenya for a TV recording, which was a great success. Thursday night fly home.

God Bless, David.

Revd. David Brewer Ministry Review

Revd. David Brewer Ministry Review

Victory in Jesus! The Healing Power of God.

Reverend David Brewer (TICCN Ministry Director for Africa) of TICCN continues his excellent ministry work in Africa and here we take time to illustrate testimonies of the work.

Here is David with Wilson who is the son of an evangelist at a church in Mbezi Beech, Dar es Salaam.

David has visited the church several times in recent years. On a ministry visit to the church in 2018 David was asked to lay hands on Wilson and minister healing to him. Wilson’s issue was that ten years earlier, as a four year old, a tumour had started to grow on his neck. Over the next ten years the tumour had increased to such a degree that it was obstructing his wind pipe, and causing him to lose much of his education because he was unable to attend school due to significant breathing difficulty.

David ministered in faith to Wilson, using the authority of the name of Jesus. Just one week later David was delighted to receive the message that a miracle had taken place and “God done it, he is healed.”

It’s now been almost two years later and Wilson has not missed school and is totally
healed of the tumor, it’s gone! David has recently received the photograph opposite of Wilson showing that the tumor is gone. It concluded with the joyful message “I think you better praise God for His Blessings and healing. Wilson is doing well.”

Inmates Impacted by Jesus!

In 2015 Reverend David was working in Kenya along with American Evangelist Wesley Paul and another Evangelist from USA. Evangelists are close to David’s heart, his elder brother Eddie was a successful businessman who went to his reward in November 1966, age just 29, during his last year he preached in 10 denominations and led hundreds to know Jesus, by preaching repentance and forgiveness.

Working with the Evangelists in Kenya David was invited by the Prison Chaplain to have a special Gospel service in the high security Women’s Prison in Nairobi that was home to some of the worst offenders in all Kenya. David and the Evangelists gave their testimonies and shared the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

As a result of this unexpected ministry opportunity, it was a delight to witness that there were at least twelve of those inmates, that had their lives changed and received Jesus as Lord and Saviour that afternoon. Lives were transformed because people cared enough to travel half way around the world to share the love of God through Jesus Christ.

Your Opportunity?

Do you have a desire to evangelize or to study about the healing power of God? If these testimonies have inspired you write to us and perhaps you can be on a future TICCN mission trip? Perhaps you would like to study more, consider studying at New Life Bible College, get in touch for more information.