Pastor Mick Fleming

Bishop Michael (AKA Pastor Mick) Fleming

Bishop Michael (AKA Pastor Mick) Fleming leads the Church On The Street ministry based in Burnley. Following a 2:1 degree in Theology from Manchester University he spent 18 months taking the TICCN Ministerial Training Course under the supervision of Bishop Steven. He was ordained in March 2019. In July 2021 he was appointed by Bishop Steven as the TICCN lead for network GoT ministries (Groups of Two, three, or four) and house-churches within the UK.

Bishop Michael’s early adult life was spent very differently, in his own words “I was a drug runner and debt collector. I was good at my job. I’d hurt people. I wasn’t bothered. I was arrested for murder twice, armed robbery three times, countless firearms offenses.”

In December 2020 a BBC news film featured Bishop Michael (Pastor Mick’s) work among the poor, the public response was tremendous. Within just 2 weeks £250,000 in donations was provided and the ministry is continuing to take a leading role and setting an example for all those involved in the Gospel that outreaches with a deep commitment of love and care especially among poor communities.

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