Bishop Michael Wieteska


Rt. Rev. Dr. Michael Barry Wieteska – comes from a Polish father who married an English girl during the Second World War – was born in Britain and, from later teenage, brought up in Australia. Pastor Michael is a member of the International Pentecostal Press Association, is on the Board of International Ministries of the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship, and is a contributor and some-time member of the Society of Pentecostal Studies.

He preaches and holds pastors’ seminars in Asia. Continually monitoring current affairs, he is active in engaging both the media and the body politic on Christian-related issues, particularly the place of the E.U. in prophecy, and was a founder member of United Kingdom Independence Party (U.K.I.P.).

Pastor Michael has been a regular guest on “Freely Speaking”, an almost hour long, daily current-affairs radio broadcast in Geneva, speaking on topics ranging from UFO’s to Creationism to the history of the Middle East, as well as on church-related topics. Articles from Michael have been published in secular magazines, and his letters in major international news magazines such as The Economist and Newsweek, and in major international Christian publications.

His books include “Man With A Destiny” and “A Destiny Beyond Death”, biographies of the great modern missionary to Colombia, Bill Drost. (Welch Publishing Company, Burlington, Ontario, 1983, 1985, reprinted by World Aflame Press, St. Louis.) Pastor Michael holds a Ph.D. from North Carolina College of Theology. (Dissertation: original work on Daniel, and practical projection of that message to impact the body politic, in Michael’s case).