Missions Report for Nepal

In January and February, Pastor Amos and his wife Jamuna traveled to two villages in the jungles and another two villages in the mountains where they held pastor’s conferences in each village to teach on the anointing of the Holy Spirit and to teach on Healing.  Amos has also completed several children’s evangelism trip before Nepal went into Quarantine.

Even though Nepal has had only 34 total deaths from COVID, the entire country remains in Lockdown since March.  Their low death rate is from a natural immunity from being hand eaters, meaning they eat with their hands rather than using utensils. From an early age, they build strong immune systems.  In addition, being born at high altitudes has given Nepalis super human lungs.

More people are starving to death from the lockdown than dying from COVID.  Much of the Nepal is hand to mouth, where they work each day to make enough money to purchase food for the day.  During the lockdown, most Nepalis can no longer afford to purchase food. 

We have completed two mission trips where we distributed 100 bags of rice to the neediest Christian believers in mid-April and again in June.  Many are coming to the Lord through this aid.  They had to walk 4 to 5 hours by foot to get the rice. Then make return hike with bag of rice on their backs. Once they make it to their villages, they divide the rice up into smaller plastic bags and distribute to individual families.

Most of the volunteers had not eaten in 1 to 2 days. It was very difficult to get there to village on 4-wheel truck, because mountain road was slide and very muddy because of the heavy rain.

Each rice bag has 30 kilograms of rice and all together we have distributed 3,000 kilograms of rice during each relief mission trip. In April, we also gave goats and sewing machines and built several water wells in addition to distributing food.

We have been doing bi-weekly church services with Nepal via Zoom.  Our guest speakers have included Bishop Steven Evans, Arch Bishop Johnny Riley, and Arch Bishop Doyle Volentine. These Zoom services have been a huge encouragement to our pastors in Nepal.

Reverend Steven Bellant

Current Needs in Nepal

$6 – Bibles.  In Nepal, they save up to purchase a bible, then they pray over the Bible and pray over a young man and send the man out with the bible to plant a church.  This how Nepal has become one of the fastest growing churches in the world. We currently have 100 pastors who need a bible. We have a need for an additional 3,000 bibles if we to give a bible to every believer who does not yet have a bible.

$5,000 – One Mountain Truck Load of Rice delivered to villages that are hardest hit by Lockdown. One truck includes 100 bags of rice with each bag weighing 30kg.  This cost includes the truck rental with a driver. Christian volunteers will hike up to 5 hours to meet our truck and then make the return hike with the 30kg bags of rice on their backs.  We can also purchase smaller quantities and deliver in smaller vehicles.

$2,500 – Women’s Leadership Conference. Nepal has a 3-day Bank Holiday for Women called Teej each August.  Women leave their home for 3 days and go to a lake where they wash themselves, and the men stay home with the children.  The women fast for the entire 3 days and then come home to a feast prepared by the Husbands. For young women this is rites of passage to attend their first Teej.  We take advantage of this Hindu holiday to hold our Christian Women’s Leadership conference on a lake at the base of the Himalayas. Fasting is optional for the Speakers.

$600 – Water Wells.  This covers the pipe, Well Head, Hand Pump, and Cement.  Young men in the church volunteer to drill the wells by manual labor using bamboo, rope, and lots of muscle.

$150 – Sewing Machines.  Women can support their families by sewing wedding dresses, festival dresses, and most recently sewing COVID masks. We purchase the old fashioned foot peddle machines as many do not have electricity.

$100 – Goats can provide a lifetime of income for a family.  We purchase female goats.  They have to gather leaves to feed their goats and gather water each day.  They can sell the baby goats, and sell the goat milk products including yogurt. This photo is of the girl that I sponsor Sanjeena.  I had challenged her to give her first fruit to the Lord.  She is holding her first fruit baby goat that she gave to the church. Her goat became pregnant and had another baby soon after.  Sanjeena is learning work ethics and learning blessings of tithing at a young age.

$50 Monthly Orphan Sponsorship.  We place orphans with our Pastors in each village.  $25 goes towards the child’s Tuition, books, and uniforms.  $25 goes to help the pastors who are hosting the child.  A Christian version of Foster Care for orphans.

$3,000 – Motorcycles for evangelists.  Many of the villages are very remote and only accessible by motorcycle or by hiking many days. We have a need for three motorcycles.