Bishop Evans in Africa Mission


TICCN UK members touring the United Nations whilst on a mission trip in Geneva.
TICCN UK members touring the United Nations whilst on a mission trip in Geneva.

The International Charismatic Church Network is a Christian communion of like minded followers of Jesus Christ demonstrating the unity that Jesus Christ originally established in His Body, the Church. In this way we uphold the oneness of the ancient, medieval, and contemporary Christian church.

Ministers, churches, individual believers and organisations that join with us, maintain their autonomy and structure, yet they can benefit in numerous ways by becoming part of a wider recognised international movement. We emphasise the vital importance of the local church which can then be connected regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The International College of Bishops participates in the strategic work of the network, primarily this involves formulating spiritual leadership, humanitarian activities, and teaching strategies. Our main emphasis is the promotion of charismatic Christian perspectives which in turn contribute towards the development of individuals and communities around the world.

TICCN have also been involved, for strategic purposes, in dialogue with a wide range of bodies including various national government departments, international bodies such as the United Nations, and many of the worlds relief agencies. We have met for example, with Oxfam in the UK to better understand how TICCN’s volunteer engineers could most efficiently harness solar powered water hole drilling rigs in Kenya and Uganda. This type of cooperation and initiative by TICCN demonstrates our desire to help bring relief into many poor communities around the world. We continue through our members’ generous donations to provide help and support to many needy, vulnerable and marginalised peoples.