Bishop Steven Lyn Evans is the Presiding Bishop of The International Charismatic Church Network. He brings a wealth of varied experiences into his ministry work. Leaving his home in South Wales as a young 20 year old with a dream of being in the entertainment industry, within four days he was singing on the stage of the world famous London Palladium.

In 1996 whilst performing at the Royal Variety Show, he spent time with fellow Welshman and singer Tom Jones and became convicted that his ‘calling’ was to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By this time he had already completed a B.A. (hons) degree in Theology at the London Bible College and had earned the Cambridge Certificate in Evangelism.

It was during 1992 that he first experienced leadership in pastoral ministry by both establishing a Cell Church and occasionally leading the worship ministry services at Kensington Temple, a 10,000 member church in London.

Bishop Steven Lyn Evans and Mikah with Jim Cymbala
Bishop Steven Lyn Evans and Mikah with Jim Cymbala

In 1995 he became a leader within the Brooklyn Tabernacle’s London Church plant. It was during this time that he was singing with various music groups and outreaching through music and evangelism, working alongside some of the leading names in the music business.

In 1999 Bishop Evans joined Wesley’s Chapel in London and trained to became a Methodist Local Preacher with the ‘Charge to Preach’ coming from the Lord, Revd. Dr. Leslie Griffiths of Wesley’s Chapel, London in 2005. He followed this with a two year ministerial foundation training at St. Michael’s Anglican College, Llandaff, Wales, where he also attained a Masters Degree in Theology from Cardiff University. Bishop Steven was then awarded a D.Th., degree from Faith Bible College and Training Centre.

The mix of both formal theological and faith backgrounds provides Bishop Steven with a healthy vantage point from which to help steer The International Charismatic Church Network. He provides a bridge of understanding and dialogue between Christian groups of varying backgrounds.

Ministry, Ordination and Consecration:

 Steven Lyn Evans' consecration as Bishop by the Apostolic Pastoral Congress at Manchester Cathedral.
Bishop Steven Lyn Evans’ consecration service at Manchester Cathedral in October 2014.

Bishop Steven began his ministry work as a Cell Church Pastor at Kensington Temple in London from 1992-1994. During this time he studied and was awarded a B.A. (hons) degree in Theology from London Bible College (Brunel University) and the Cambridge Certificate in Evangelism. He was then invited to become a trustee and co-leader of Grace Chapel (Church plant of the Brooklyn Tabernacle) between the years of 1994-1998. In 1999 he joined Wesley’s Chapel London and began to preach in various Methodist Circuits in South Wales and London. In 2005 he became an accredited Methodist Local Preacher and was given the Methodist ‘Charge to Preach’ by the Lord Revd. Dr. Lord Griffiths of Wesley’s Chapel, London.

Following his M.Th. and two years completing Formation in Ministry training at St. Michael’s College, Llandaff, he entered into full-time Christian ministry being ordained in 2008 by leaders from the International Convention of Faith Ministries (ICFM). Full-time pastoral ministry then started in the North West of England and he and his wife Mikah then planted churches in Wales, Canada, and the USA. Bishop Steven was ordained a Priest in the Anglican tradition in 2010 by All Nations Anglican Church and then consecrated as bishop at Word of Life Cathedral in Texas, USA, by All Nations Anglican Church in 2012.

In 2014 Bishop Steven’s lines of Apostolic Succession were strengthened further following being first received as a priest and then consecrated as bishop by the Apostolic Pastoral Congress at Manchester Cathedral. (The consecration was in Apostolic Succession, a treasured lineage that dates back to St. Peter).

Bishop Steven ministers the Gospel of Jesus Christ many times with miracles following and several testimonies of these have been featured on front page secular newspaper headlines in Great Britain. He testifies to the need for bible believing Christians to compromise their thinking to the Word of God, rather than compromising the Word of God to the limits of human understanding.

He and his Canadian wife Revd. Mikah have preached and taught internationally, including conferences in places such as: Africa, India, Geneva, America, Pakistan, USA and Canada. He has authored several books and his teachings have been broadcast on radio and satellite television via channels such as TBN, the Gospel Channel, and others.

He is a Chaplain and National Council member of the Order of St. Luke the Physician. This Healing Order was initially established in the USA through the Episcopalian Church in the early 1900’s. Bishop Steven is also a ministerial member of the International Conference of Faith Ministers (ICFM).

Rosina Davies
Rosina Davies

Shortly after Bishop Steven Evans (Presiding Bishop of TICCN) met his wife Mikah Evans in San Francisco in 2001, he was sent a biography by a family member of a lady he had not heard of previously named Rosina Davies. He was amazed to find that she was a late 19th and early 20th century evangelist, and a relative of his. He was further surprised to find many similarities between her life and his, for example, they were both evangelists, both singers, both owned property which helped towards funding the ministry work. It was remarkable to think that over hundred years later both he and her had been touring around America preaching in the same locations whilst being based in South Wales. The parallels go on, it was a very interesting discovery.

William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, prophesied to Rosina when she was just a young girl, that she would collect flowers (people) for Jesus. He was right, her life was spent winning souls for the Kingdom, all over the world.

She lived and preached powerfully, ministering at revivals especially in Wales and America. While Evan Roberts was preaching in South Wales during the famous revival of 1904, she was the evangelist at similar revival meetings taking place in North Wales. There were many restrictions on women preachers in those days and so she was featured rather less often in media coverage than her male colleagues. Rosina lived in a personal revival herself and because of that she was used by God to minister revival to others. She travelled extensively and was highly influential as an evangelist, the British Prime-minister Lloyd George was the Patron of her evangelistic trust and in Los Angeles she paved the way for others to follow such as Aimee Semple McPherson. We pay tribute to her here, and thank the Lord for the great harvest of souls gained for the Kingdom through her Charismatic ministry.